directorsclubTelluride TV provides a voice for the community through media arts education, community based content, and access to broadcasting. The organization was founded in 1986 to provide government transparency by broadcasting town council meetings. Telluride TV, also known as Telluride Community Television (TCTV), is a 501-c-3, non-profit, non-commercial, public access station broadcasting to more than 900 households and lodging properties in Telluride on cable channel 12 through Time Warner Cable and 1,200 households in Mountain Village on cable channel 12 through Mountain Village Cable.

Watch Telluride TV – A Brief History

Over the past 30 years, Telluride TV has been locally managed and reflects a diversity of interest and viewpoints. Programming includes both locally-produced programs and outside programming of interest to our viewers. Telluride TV has, and will continue to capture, historical archives of Telluride festivals, government and school board meetings, local presentations and theatrical performances.

Telluride TV has a Community Media Center located in the Telluride High School, which houses media arts education courses for students and adults in order to enhance the community’s digital literacy skills. Have an idea for a video? We can help! Telluride TV offers video camera & editing courses. Become a member of Telluride TV and gain access to our rental equipment. We are happy to air and promote your content on our channel and on the web!

Telluride TV also offers network broadcasting services from our Mountain Village studio. Our LTN unit streams to major networks such as CNN and FOX in high definition with zero latency.