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The What If Show


A local production sponsored by Telluride Christian Fellowship with host Ketrich Steger. The “What If…”show’s purpose is to provide hope into the lives of the many without hope -through “people stories” and testimonies from those who have overcome life’s obstacles.

Telluride Christian Fellowship

Telluride Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship committed to empowering today’s families for tomorrow’s success. We believe that being a Christian is not just to ensure our eternal salvation in heaven but, also it means restoring and establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth in this present world.

Our vision is to equip the believers in Christ to walk in the freedom of the Word, the Spirit, and in their Gifts and Callings so they might do the work of the ministry and build up the body of Christ. We believe it is the church’s responsibility to affect the world around us with an experience of Christ’s love and salvation.


Community Programming

Local TV channels provide programming as diverse as the communities they’re based in. Offering ranges from music to higher awareness to student films. Come explore what your community has to offer.

Contact Peter if you wish to air your content at 970.708.3839 or [email protected]

Telluride High School – Our students’ work comes to life!

Watch the best Student Films — the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world! Enjoy our most recent addition “Welcome to Russia” by Lizzie & Brian with special guest appearance by Philippe!